YouTube Dos and Don’ts

Thinking of starting a YouTube channel for your business? Or maybe you’ve already got one, but need a little help to achieve your video marketing goals? Video content is so hot right now, in fact it’s leading the way in the content marketing scene, and there’s no better place to start than YouTube - the top platform for video marketing, with over a billion unique YouTube visitors per month. The question isn’t why have a channel, but how to do it well.

Plan, don’t wing it

Put pen to paper, or shall we say fingers to keyboard, to jot down the vision you have for your YouTube channel and what you want to achieve through it. This might be as simple as teaching viewers something new or leading people to your website. Work backwards and outline the topics for your content and with relevant keywords, you’ll need to hit those goals. In this phase, think about ways you can inspire action through your content and how you can amplify your brand. The aim is to deliver valuable information, fresh content and an experience customers will want to return time and time again to.

Stay consistent, don’t disappear

If you’ve got a bunch of cool ideas for your video content, it’s time to plan production and frequency. It’s great to launch your channel with a fab piece of well-promoted content that attracts hundreds or even thousands of views, but then what? People will expect an equally awesome video the next time. Set goals around how often you’re going to post, weekly/fortnightly/monthly. You'll need to be more frequent if video marketing is a key content focus of your business.

Appearances matter

When it comes to presenting your business online, you want to look as professional as you are! Don’t overlook essential branding tools for your YouTube channel. This can include a relevant photo, your logo for the banner, a thumbnail image (this shows up on Google, so choose carefully!) and your channel name. Every time you begin creating a new video, ensure it stays true to your brand guidelines, and the look and feel of your business.

Don’t aim for fame

Chances are, you won’t become a YouTube sensation, well not overnight anyway! So use it for what it is - a fantastic entertainment and information hub and promotional tool. Supported by creative thinking and solid marketing efforts, some video campaigns have the potential to go viral. Aim to create good YouTube content, you never know where it could take your business.

Don’t mix B2B content with B2C content

Having a channel may seem like a lot to manage (in addition to social media platforms and a website), but you don’t need to publish everything on it. For example, if you create an accounting software training video for accountants, it won’t appeal to the wider public who are probably only looking for a good accountant. To showcase your consumer-friendly services, create a series of B2C videos that cleverly show what you do with storytelling, interviews and unique problem-solving scenarios. Consumer content should be the focus of your channel, unless your business profits mostly from B2B exchanges, in which case, you can have two channels - one for B2B and the other B2C.

Insert a neat call to action

Make your call to action clear - explain why viewers should watch, listen, subscribe and follow. When done well, you'll see new visitors to your online store, your website, an increase in subscribers and much more!