Your online presence needs to have these 3 things

Your online presence needs to have these three things

These days when your customers are looking for your business you need to be a simple mouse click away. They need to be able to find your business online and equally as importantly, they need to be able to contact you and buy what you’re selling. To make sure this is the case there are important things that your online presence should include.

In this article, we discuss three things that need to be included in your online presence so people searching online can follow through to become your (regular) customers.

3 key points to include online

1. Important business information

Your customers need to know at a glance what your business offers and how to get in touch, so they can turn their interest into a purchase. Imagine you are a potential customer and know nothing about your business. What would you be looking for?

  • Your business name - This needs to be obvious. It establishes your brand and ensures your potential customer is instantly aware that they are looking at your business (and not anyone else’s).
  • A brief description of what your business offers or services it provides, and why your business stands out from the rest. Why should they choose your business over another's?

Keep in mind that your descriptions should be as short as possible. As you are writing for online readers, say as much as possible in the least number of words. Customers are busy and don’t have time or motivation to read through pages of information. Think of the key things and differences you offer and focus on those.

2. Contact information

Include telephone numbers (landline and mobile if you have both), email address, the physical and postal address of your business. If appropriate, you can also include your business hours so customers know when they’re able to reach you.

  • Include a directional map (such as a Google Map link) if your online presence has the capability, to make it as easy as possible for people to come to you.
  • Links to other forms of online presence you may have such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook for example. This way they can receive regular updates and stay informed.

3. Examples of your fantastic work

It’s a great idea to display examples of the fantastic work you do with photos, videos, and reviews from customers. They show customers the experience you have and what you're capable of. Reviews provide customers with confidence. Rather than just taking your word for it, they’re more likely to trust the word of a happy customer.

And, make sure it’s easy to edit

Your online presence needs to be easy to edit and update so that you can keep it current. If you’re able to quickly change details, you can make sure what you’re saying is relevant to your customers.

An outdated online presence can be confusing to potential customers and have the opposite effect to what you’re after. A current online presence shows you’re engaged, that your business is active. It builds confidence as customers feel they’re dealing with a responsive company that’s on top of things.

Commit to keeping your online presence as current as possible - put a reminder in your diary to do a monthly update.