Your digital presence makeover

Do your website and social media pages look like they need a bit of love? You've been online for years but you haven't updated your content? There's no better time than now to give your digital presence a glorious makeover.


One of the first places people go to check out a business is its website. If you aren’t getting the conversions you’d hoped for, perhaps it's time to overhaul your existing site or get a new one built. If you've got budget or time constraints, you can start with some basic changes to text and images and make it more SEO-friendly. And to cater to an on-the-go consumer, having a mobile-responsive site is crucial.


Successful marketing starts with a professional, appealing brand. When you’re revamping your digital presence, highlight everything - your logo, colour palate and email signature. Get a logo designed, if you don’t already have one. Your logo is the face of your brand and must be clear and distinct. Use it across all your online business platforms - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, your website and on your email signature.

Win with Video

Video content has quickly become the most popular and effective form of digital advertising. Choose to get your message delivered through video rather than text. A 60-second video on who you are gets more attention than a wordy 'about us' paragraph, and customer stories are better expressed better in video. Think creatively about different ways video can be used and then push it out via your social networks. This will give you fresh content to keep your media channels alive and kicking. 

Get the word heard

Things might have dramatically shifted since the start of your business - growth and evolution, or you've taken on new clients, and your approach has changed. It's time to work out the tone and writing style that best reflect your business today. Before you start writing, plan the sections you’re going to have on your site. Always write with Search Engine Optimisation in mind because it strengthens your website’s ranking in search engines.

Not sure which way to go? Give us a call today, we'd love to help get your online marketing on point.