What is a landing page

A landing page serves as an entry point for a website or a particular section of a website. It is where a visitor first arrives when they're directed from an online ad, or Facebook or LinkedIn.

As a standalone webpage, it is designed for a specific purpose, promotion, and period. It often has a separate URL, other than that of your website. Here are the two types:

Lead generation:

Lead generation pages are designed specifically to capture data - name, email addresses, location, and other such details. The information you gather can be used to provide access to an instant promotion, offer, webinar registration, e-book or newsletter, and most importantly to make a sale. It may be to build a database to connect with people again at a later time.


These are the pages you see before you're taken to another page further down the sales funnel. They usually lure visitors in by providing useful information for free, encouraging them to click through. By getting visitors to click instead of asking them to complete a form on your first contact, you're following a softer approach. This approach is used to ‘warm up’ your target audience and and inform them before they make the decision to buy, sign up or enter.

For example, if you are a shoe brand and want to give away a pair of the latest sports shoes, you can use a click-through landing page with the text "Enter for your chance to win". From there, they arrive on a destination page where they're invited to provide contact details or to make a purchase.

Remember to develop a high converting page so visitors don't click away once they're in.