Websites for beginners

When was the first website created?

Not that long ago in the scheme of things! It was developed in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee. It was very basic and provided links to information on the World Wide Web project. You can check it out here:

Why should I have a website?

Think of a website like a business brochure, a space where people can find out what you do, what services you offer and how to contact you. With over 3.4 million Kiwis using the internet each week, you can reach a large audience very quickly, through your professional web presence.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a URL name which looks like this - In most cases, you’ll want to use your business name in the domain name, but if your company name is too long, or already taken, you’ll have to think of other options. The key is to make the URL easy to remember and catchy.

How do I get people to make a purchasing decision on my website?

To help convert website visitors to customers, ensure your website is well-designed with quality content that clearly conveys what you offer. Include a ‘call to action’ on your home page and have other appropriate options such as ‘enquire now’ or ‘add to cart’.

What should I put on my website?

Your website needs to have your company name, logo, contact details and some written text to help it rank in search engines (when optimised by an SEO expert). Ensure you use the right keywords to optimise search results. Use suitable imagery, video and infographics to reflect your brand. Testimonials and client reviews are also very important; best to have these appear on your home page. Don’t forget to include social media icons with links to take your customers from your website to your social media platforms, and vice versa. 93% of New Zealanders use social media for business, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Do I need a custom responsive website?

Yes, this is highly recommended as an increasing number of people view webpages on their smartphone or tablets. For more information, ask one of our experts about Yellow's WebSpace.