Website Dos and Don'ts

Want to win with your website? Of course you do! Here are a few dos and don'ts for creating a buzzing site.  


  • Put thought into your design - keep it clean, simple and easy on the eye. A Graphic Designer can help with every detail, from logo design to colour scheme, images and layout.
  • Choose a domain name that reflects your brand and what you do. Ideally, pick one that has your company name.
  • Make sure the navigation of your website is easy and that it takes users on a natural journey. Speak to a Web Designer about what works best.
  • Clearly communicate in words what your business offers, make sure that it is displayed prominently on your homepage.
  • Make sure all content is well-written. Writing for the web requires a different approach from writing a newsletter, and factors like SEO and User Experience need to be considered. 
  • Include a call to action - Add buttons such as ‘enquire now’, ‘call today’, ‘get in touch for a free quote’, or ‘email us’.
  • Include social media account icons with functioning links to your social pages. They're great for building a community and showcasing your services or products on other platforms.
  • If you have recent testimonials from your clients, add them to your website. But make sure they're happy for you to publish them first.
  • Make it easy for visitors to easily find and contact you. Include a physical address, a PO Box, your phone number and an email address.


  • Don’t overcomplicate your design. You may have ideas about images, colour scheme, layout - but sometimes it’s best to strip everything back and go with what's simplest.
  • Don’t keep adding more information to your website as you go. Start off by planning your content and write each section to reflect it.
  • Don’t forget your goals. And make sure your site is designed with them in mind.
  • Don't do everything yourself; building and maintaining a website can be time-consuming. It will save you time and money to have experts develop your site.

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