Using video to amplify your brand

Video is one of the most effective ways to amplify your digital presence. It helps to get your brand out in the marketplace, make your voice heard and build credibility. Here are some thought-starters to get your camera rolling!

Sell what you do

Are you a plumber? Do you design umbrellas? Just opened a new coffee shop? Whatever you do, now’s the time to promote it through video. You might like to create a trendy, commercial video, the kind that would be useful for your website and your social media pages as an introduction to your business.

Showing what you do

Sometimes it’s less ‘aggressive’ to show what you do instead of the hard sell approach. You can achieve this through a variety of ways. Shoot testimonials of customers or create a storytelling piece and take your viewers on a journey through your business. Demonstrate what you do, how you add value and bring your brand into the spotlight.

Introducing the people

Video is a personable way to introduce your business and the faces behind it. Those who work the hardest are often forgotten. If you’ve got a coffee shop, think about going to the source of your coffee beans - can you film the plantations? Can you show where the cups are manufactured? Get a shot of your barista starting off his day. You could go further and replace the ‘About us’ page on your website with a short company history video.

Friends of the business

If you’re in business, you're likely to be involved in the community in some way or the other. You may even sponsor a local sports team or you donate to charity. Creating video content with such alliances is an opportunity. Set filming dates with friends of your business and use the footage to support your video campaigns.

Live video

Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are leading social media platforms that host live video broadcasts. A live broadcast can add a new level of accessibility and authenticity to your brand. It is recommended that you post live content only if you're confident, articulate and comfortable facing the camera. Once you go live, there's no going back. Always remember your brand message and your end goal.