Start-up to success: 5 steps to grow your business

1. Make a plan

Turn your ambition into a robust business plan that will keep you on course as you navigate your way through the adventure of setting up your own company. It can be easy to get side-tracked or swayed by other people’s opinions, so make sure you know where you’re going by having a plan in place. Create an overall business plan, a marketing and a day-to-day one. Make sure your plan(s) gets updated as your business evolves.

2. Welcome challenges

Starting a biz isn't easy, and nothing is going to happen overnight. Take small, measurable steps to get to where you want to be, and remember, there will be plenty of challenges coming at you. You can either look at these challenges as setbacks or as exciting indications of growth. Keep in mind that despite planning, things can change. And as you overcome one challenge, a new one will arise - all just a natural part of starting a business.

3. Foster your passion

If you’re launching your start-up, it’s probably passion that’s got you to this point. Ensure your motivation and passion levels remain high so you can keep moving forward. By channelling passion towards everything you do and create, you’ll not only be more productive and driven, but your attitude will attract like-minded clients, customers and staff.

4. Keep your mind open

With so much information about starting your own business, you don’t have to look far to learn a few tips on the start-up trade. Read as much as you can, watch video tutorials of interest, speak to industry people, join networking groups and constantly look for opportunities.

5. Be confident but humble

The start-up journey will be one that requires belief, respect for others and a certain confidence that you can only find within. Be humble in all you do as what you have one day could be gone the next. Don’t get too complacent when things are going well and always stay a step ahead. Be grateful and appreciative of where you’ve come from, and of the people that have helped you along your way. Always find joy in the little milestones, as you head towards your goals.