Staff bonding - How to build a tight-knit team

You may offer a great product or service, but business success is also defined the people behind it. If you’ve got staff or contractors on board, make sure they are treated well and that you build a tight-knit team. Coherence, communication and care are some keywords to keep in mind when doing this. There's more, so let’s get started.

Value everyone

People working in your business are employed for various reasons and fulfill jobs that reflect their skills. Value and acknowledge them when possible. Make your staff members feel like they're a part of the bigger picture and give them a sense of purpose. When you assign work, talk through the reasons why it’s needed and how it helps fit into the end goal.

Create moments

Just like you would with your customers, create moments that enhance your team's lives. A team meeting at a beach, a day off work or an unexpected bonus - make sure you surprise and delight where possible to make them feel like they belong. Make working for you an enjoyable thing!

Goals and objectives

While you’ll have the big picture business goals set up, also consider the personal and professional ambitions your team members might have. Is there a way you can support them to reach those goals? By fostering a supportive and encouraging workplace, and helping them achieve more, you'll create a sense of harmony and appreciation.


Create opportunities for them to upskill and further their learning. They'll want to feel challenged (in a good way) on the job, and you don’t want them to be bored and look elsewhere for work. By offering incentives such as paid conferences, courses or mentorship, they'll feel recharged, motivated and return to work with lots more to offer.

Get to work away from work

Plan exciting and special team-building exercises and experiences outside your usual working environment. This could be anything from a volunteering day in the community, attending the launch of a new restaurant or a fun-filled activity day. Bringing people together in a relaxed, informal setting is a proven way to discover more about the team and build rapport.