Remarketing tips and tricks

Remarketing helps you engage with people who have already used your services and to attract new customers who have shown interest. Here are a few good remarketing suggestions. 

Build a database

First things first - you’ll need to have a list of people you want to remarket to. One of the best ways to build a list is to capture details of anyone that has visited your website and then break the list up into categories such as: customers that made a purchase, customers that didn’t buy and customers that requested more information.


After someone has visited your website or used your app, you need to stay on the top of their minds. It’s likely they'll be looking to buy your product or a similar one at some stage, particularly if they’ve spent time on your website or made an enquiry. Start off by showing them ads about your business, and keep communicating. When setting up a remarketing campaign you’ll be able to select how many times per day, week or month you want your ads to show.

Ad variety

While you may think it’s effective to show visitors the same ad over and over, it will become rather monotonous quickly. Create separate ad groups with freshly updated content with varying calls to action that you can roll out to your audiences throughout your campaign.

Target audiences that didn’t buy

Many people surf the net for information, inspiration and ideas. Some make purchases and some don’t. If it wasn’t a done deal the first time they visited your website, you don't have to rule them out. This is an opportunity to remarket and draw these people back to your website.

Online stores

If you run an online store with a shopping cart, you may have noticed potential customers get as far as filling their cart and then moving on elsewhere. They’ve come so close, so don’t lose the chance to draw them back. Create a list of people who have visited your ‘cart’ page (filled the basket) and remarket to them with a compelling call to action. 

Tools to use

Google Ads are where it’s at in terms of remarketing services. Before you use the tool, be clear about your marketing objectives, budget and duration. You’ll normally spend on a pay per click system (pay each time someone clicks on your ad). You'll also be able to keep an eye on the results so look for new opportunities as the campaigns go live.