Five questions to ask your HR person

As the Director of your company, you're likely to have many questions about staffing. If you have an internal HR person or a recruitment agency to assist, make sure these five questions are on your list.

1. What values should our business be built on?

An HR person can guide you on the values and culture to be developed and instilled in staff members. They need to align them with existing company values. These values reflect onto the wider community, so spend time with your team going through them.

2. What skills do your current staff possess?

Employing the right staff to help grow your business is key. While personality plays a large part in getting the right balance, their qualifications, experience and expertise must also be carefully considered. Before you employ someone, ask your HR person to explore the skills of each potential candidate. Also, consider carrying out internal shuffles to ensure everyone is reaching their potential and driving the best results for the company.

3. What can we do to future-proof the business?

Future-proofing your business is important for survival, evolution and growth - so just as you have a business plan in place, ask your HR team for an HR one. This will ensure you have the right people working in the business to execute the business strategy. By doing this you will be able to plan for staff you may need in the future and make better hiring decisions.

4. Do we need to scale up or scale down?

How productive is your team in terms of delivering quality work within suitable and sustainable timeframes? Are they competent enough to fulfil jobs that require specific knowledge, care or tight deadlines? If your staff are already at full capacity with workload then perhaps it’s time to look at bringing in contractors on an adhoc basis. Things can certainly swing the other way too though - be prepared to have to make some decisions to reduce the number of staff in-house if there is not the need, or they are not meeting KPIS/delivering on what is required. However, your HR person will guide you through that and all the legalities that come with it.

5. What do our staff think about your organisation?

What your staff feel about your business is an indication of the state of the company. Are they crying out for change? Are they satisfied with how things are tracking, do they feel appreciated? Are they looking elsewhere for work? All of these provide insight into your company culture, what’s working and what isn’t.