Overcoming self doubt in business

Being in business can be rewarding and stressful at once. At times, you're on top of the world, and then you find yourself in a bit of self-doubt. Here are a few ways to keep moving ahead with confidence.

1. Revisit your goals

If you’ve had a bit of a rough patch, revisit your long-term goals. If you’ve got these written down somewhere, go back and study them. Maybe the goals were unrealistic, and the reason you've not been able to achieve them. Make sure your goals are reasonable and in tune with your resources.

2. Become part of a community

Running a small business can be isolating too. You don’t have a team around you for support, to bounce ideas off, to turn to for advice. You miss the chatter and realise the challenge in making new connections. It helps to network, to participate in online communities and attend webinars, video calls, etc. Do what you can to belong. Check out shared office spaces in your area, sponsor a local sports team or charity and get your brand out into the community.

3. Celebrate your achievements

It’s easy to experience an element of doubt when things aren’t going well, so try and remember the better times. Read old customer reviews and testimonials to remind yourself of the great job you’ve been doing.

4. Find balance

You're on the regular 9-5 shift, but you're having trouble turning off. Running a business can become something you live and breathe, but not at the expense of your health. Introduce health practices into your day - yoga, gym sessions, frequent walks, or join a sports club. Revitalise yourself and approach work with a renewed mind and attitude.

5. Trust yourself

Trust your gut and your values, it will help you make better decisions and live up to your full potential. Remember why you set out in business in the first place. When there's doubt, you may struggle to make important decisions, so being sure about your values can help combat it.