Online marketing tips for small businesses

No matter the type of business you operate, you need the online avenue to communicate your services and draw new customers. If you’re on a tight budget, or you’re overwhelmed or unsure how to kick off your online marketing approach, consider getting started with some of the pointers below.


One of the easiest ways to get online is through a custom website. If you’re a bit of a natural writer, consider starting a regular blog that you can publish on your website. Try advertising with Google Ads, which will help your website rank well in searches. At Yellow, we're experts at building professional, cost-effective websites for small businesses.

Social media presence

Being accessible on at least one social media network is an important part of online visibility. Include your business contact information, add the URL to your professional website, and fill the ‘About Us’ section. Create a content calendar to post and share relevant information regularly. You might find that LinkedIn is more effective for your business; it helps to connect with and other professionals and can help get you noticed online. 

Email marketing

Consider creating and distributing an e-newsletter on a regular basis (could be weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, for example) to build brand awareness and to stay top of mind. This can go out to anyone who is granted permission to receive communications from you - customers, suppliers, contractors. 

Host online events

Do you have some exciting business news, industry insight, tips or information you’d like to share with your customers? Consider hosting a webinar on a specific topic, or a Facebook Live broadcast. These are direct ways you can speak to your key audience and draw in potential customers.

Business listings

One of the easiest ways to get found online through searches is through a business listing. Make sure you're listed on and also use Google My Business to provide your physical business address.

Open an e-store

eCommerce has made the life of a consumer much easier and has opened many doors for business owners who now have another platform to sell from. By offering your products or services for sale online, you can reach a broader spectrum of customers. There are plenty of options for your e-store, using effective e-commerce tools to get you started.