Mobile vs. Responsive - The right site for your business

For many years now, mobile devices have dominated web search queries, accounting for nearly 60% of all internet traffic (Hitwise). So what does this mean for your marketing plan?

The nomadic nature of searchers has transformed the way brands are interacted with. Businesses have started looking at mobile-friendly sites as a key part of their online visibility and are redesigning existing sites to function optimally across all devices.

So it comes as no surprise that a recent Google search adjustment makes it read webpages as if they’re viewed on a mobile device. Here’s how this can impact businesses like yours:

  • If you have a separate mobile site which features less content than your desktop version, you may not get the best ranking for your desktop one.
  • Does your mobile site load quickly enough? If not, your rank in organic (unpaid) search results may start to drop.

Mobile or Responsive (suitable for all devices), choosing the right approach comes down to who your audience is, how they access your site and what you’d like them to do.

For some businesses, a mobile-specific site may work well, because it loads fast, is compact and can be customised to enhance the mobile experience. For others, a responsive site could be the right choice as these are flexible and easy to maintain and update.

We know that people rarely return to a site that they’ve had trouble accessing. So, if your website is not built responsively or in a mobile-friendly way, you could get lost in the shadows of search.

Now’s the right time to reassess your presence online - let our specialists audit your site and guide you on the relevant search strategy.

We're here to make sure your business continues to be discovered online and that your website provides a great experience for all who visit.