Measure your ROI with conversion tracking

We all want to know if our Google AdWords spend is providing return on investment. A great way to measure this is through conversion tracking. It’s a tool which enables you to track what happens after a customer has clicked on your ad.

You'll quickly get a picture of the type of behaviour that your ad is generating on your site. Are customers buying a product, submitting an enquiry form or clicking your phone number to call? These tell you if you’re actually converting customers to do business with you as a result of your ad.

The information gathered through conversion tracking enables you to see how your ads are performing in conversion terms and what you can change to further optimise your ad text and keywords. You can also see what devices are being used both in terms of clicks and conversion. You’ll know what kind of information is important to mobile users versus desktop users and which device your customers use when they’re on your website.

It’s easy to set up conversion tracking and it’s free, you just need to add some code to the areas of your website you want to track conversions for. Then, just sit back and watch!

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