How to master presenting on camera

Let’s face it, we’re not all Mike McRoberts or Samantha Hayes. Talking on camera is a skill some of us may not excel at but that doesn’t mean that it can't be done. Here are some ways to step out of your comfort zone and add video presentation into your marketing strategy.

If you’re planning on talking on camera, you have more to think about than just a well-crafted script. You're presenting yourself, your business and your message in a credible and professional manner.

Here are some things to remember when you’re filming:

Dress well - Wear clothes that reflect your role in the business. If you’re a builder, don your everyday gear, if you’re a lawyer then a freshly ironed shirt and tie will do the job.

Present well - Consider getting your hair and make-up done by a professional, or give yourself a mini makeover before you get in front of the camera.

Communicate well - Always remember who you're talking to. Make your audience feel like you're talking to them and not at them.

Posture - Stand or sit comfortably in an area that reflects your business, brand or the messages you wish to convey. If you’re standing, make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and have your arms hanging comfortably.

Body language - Use positive and welcoming body language, don’t cross your arms or point down the camera. Relax and think you're talking to a friend. 

Eye contact - By looking directly at the camera, you're building trust and rapport, and also displaying your confidence.

Use a teleprompter - This will help you stay on script and speak with the right timing, without the pressure to remember your lines!

Be personable & approachable - Remember that what you say can help make a difference in people’s lives. So let your passion do the talking. 

Practise - Go over your script several times until you're ready. Speak out loud to determine which words you place more emphasis on and get a feel for natural delivery rhythms. Speak clearly and pronounce your words well.