Mastering marketing online

Want to become a pro with marketing your business online? Here’s how you can make your mark on the web today.

Get listed

There’s no point having a business if no one can find or get hold of you. Make sure you’re listed on Yellow's Digital Directories, that your profile is complete and showcases what you do. Also get your customers to review your business as this enhances search results.

Be social

While this is sometimes easier in real life than online, social media marketing is not to be ignored. In fact, it’s probably one of the best places to have your business presence. Facebook is great for a business page, Instagram is cool for visuals (if you’re a visually dynamic company) and LinkedIn is incredible for networking with other professionals and attracting new clients. Neighbourly is great for building your community presence. Find platforms to network on, offer tips and share business news and product information. There are also forums where you’ll find like-minded people and potential customers.

Create content

"Content is king", we’ve said it already, but it’s true. Before the internet happened, how did businesses market themselves - through ads in papers, radio, billboards, bus stops and on TV; think brochures, pamphlets, paper newsletters. While these methods are still relevant, you need to create content that gets your message across through your website, email newsletters and social media pages. Content must do one or more things - excite, entice or inform. It must also be relevant to the channels it is going on. 

Your website is your reputation

How your website looks, the content, design elements and the call to action, all reflect on your business. If you have a half-finished site, or if it’s outdated, you may as well not have one at all! Make sure it’s constantly updated, that it reflects your clients, products, news and contact details. SEO experts help improve the site's ranking in search engines; it is simple to do and very important for a growing business.