How to measure digital advertising results

If you’re putting some of your marketing money into digital advertising, you’ll want to know what your ROI (Return On Investment) looks like. We’ve put together a quick-fire guide to help you measure your digital ROI.

See how your ads are performing

Most of the leading online advertising platforms allow you to track your advertising performance. Google Analytics Custom Campaigns allows you to create a customised URL for each ad and then view and compare the performance of your ads on a single dashboard. If you're keen to find out which ads are working, you can also use Yellow Call Tracking - assign a unique phone number to an ad and keep tabs on which media (newspaper, radio, TV, business cards, website) your calls are being directed from.

Gain insights

Find out if your marketing campaigns are working, which ones aren’t and why. By understanding your wins and losses in terms of eyeballs and conversions, you can shape your future campaigns differently or build on what’s proven to be successful. One of the easiest ways to measure the success of digital advertising is to track metrics that are offered by the ad platform. If you run an ad that has a strong call to action, you’ll want to view how many direct sales you’ve had from it. If your ad points to your website, you should see an increase in traffic during that time. You can also gain insights from the number of impressions, website visitors downloads, registrations and so on.

Know what’s being said about you

Running a manual search on social media or setting up a Google Alert to monitor when your brand is mentioned are simple, effective ways to get a feel for what people are saying about your business. Create a spreadsheet to keep track of the number of mentions. Record the platforms, websites and the sentiment (positive, negative or neutral). See what ads are running at the time and their corresponding comments. As you develop your ad approach, you might notice an increase in discussion about your brand, which will help gauge the success of your ads based on your reputation.

ROI of Native Advertising

If your marketing strategy involves paying for native advertising, otherwise known as ‘sponsored content’, track results by measuring how many click-throughs to your website, landing page, or other designated URL, you receive. In addition to click-throughs, the number of clicks that lead to a purchase or sign-up (promotion, newsletters or more information) is crucial to monitor.

Custom advertising by Yellow

If you’re looking for the best channel and ad types to run, but don’t have the time to figure it out or monitor the results, we're here to help you find the perfect solution. We'll create ads to assist with branding, lead-generation or product/service promotions. You’ll get a report each month showing you the ad performance and the strategy used, plus, we'll offer suggestions to help with optimisation and improvements.