How to make sure you’re just a phone call away

Generating quality leads through phone calls is a core component of any sales strategy. A phone call to a business owner should be as easy as spreading Marmite on toast!

Be mobile

With nearly 70 percent of New Zealanders using mobile phones to surf the web each week, you get to tap into a highly connected, on-the-go audience. Ensure that the mobile version of your website features a ‘click to call’ or ‘call us today’ button for potential customers to easily get in touch. In everything you do, keep in mind people’s ‘hands-free’ behaviour.


So often the recording of a voicemail message is overlooked. Make sure your voicemail introduces you and your business name. Tell the caller why you haven’t been able to answer and provide an alternative form of communication if you're not able to respond to mobile messages fast. Remember this is often the first port of call for new customers and clients, so remember to sound professional and approachable. 

Track phone calls

Phone calls can be valuable leads so treat them that way. If someone's calling you, they're probably one step away from a purchasing decision - they are likely to be very curious, interested and/or ready to engage. You can track and record all phone calls easily enough by installing Call Tracking. It will also help you keep tabs on what calls have been received and the conversations had, which can be pretty useful.

Understand customer behaviour

The other benefit of call tracking is that you can see where your leads are coming from. If you’ve spent money on an ad in the newspaper, run a TV or radio ad campaign, or placed a ‘call now’ button on your webpage, you'll be able to see where your customers are calling from. It will also show you the exact time of day and day of month, where they saw your number, if the calls were answered, and the length of each call.

With this information, you'll see how successful your advertising methods are at generating leads, and be able to focus on the ones that work best. When Yellow set you up for Call Tracking, you’ll be given a unique phone number that redirects to a number of your choice and then we track the calls for you. Want to know more? Call 0800 803 803 today.