How to create content that sells

Using content to drive your business (and at the end of the day, sales) is a smart move. Creating fresh content is important, and often neglected. Here are a few simple things you can do to add sparkle to your strategy.

Think outside the square

Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing in the content space and strive to create something similar, but unique. For example, if you run a candle company, you could give away a year’s supply of candles through an online competition. Promote the key candles in your range and set up a lead generation campaign by getting entrants to provide details to go in the draw. Once you’ve captured their details (include a checkbox for them to opt-in for your marketing material), you’ll be on your way to building a database. This is gold for future marketing campaigns. While you may not see instant results, consider it a brand-building exercise and with time, you should notice growth.

Emotion converts

A lot of marketers recommend striking a chord with potential customers through emotive language, visuals and audio. Pull on the heartstrings, be authentic and generate desire. Offer a solution to a pain point and drive your audience to take action.

Be relevant

Brainstorm with your team/creative agency, establish your end goals and create content to achieve them. Your customers are probably exposed to multiple campaigns on a daily basis and consume only what they perceive as most relevant. Don’t forget to create a calendar to help you develop content in line with relevant events, such as product launches, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, etc. 

A sense of urgency

Fear of missing out - a big incentive for taking action. Send messages (direct or indirect) that your offer has an end date. This will increase the perceived value of what you’re offering and bring momentum to your business. When appropriate, include this sense of urgency in blog posts, video content, social media posts and your website.


After you create a piece of content, your job doesn’t end there! Think about where it will be displayed and its share-ability factor - how easy can it be sent to or shared with others? Make sure your content is enticing and that it appeals to a wide range of people. Start with your target audience and extend beyond that to attract new customers. Provide useful, insightful tips and a strong message, and before you know it, your audience will want their friends to experience it too!