How to capture an audience's attention

With over a billion websites and scores of businesses vying for audience attention, cutting through and standing out can be a challenge, even for the most adept marketer. But there are some simple things you can do to capture your target.

Customer service wins

In a saturated online space, the little things you do matter. If you come across as helpful, friendly and welcoming in everything you do, you're not only providing top-notch customer service but setting the tone to reflect the values of your business. For example, if you get a request for information through your website, Facebook page or LinkedIn, respond as soon as you can. Reply directly, or if you're unable, send an automated message and follow that up with a personalised phone call or message.

Be as good as they say you are

You've got heaps of positive reviews or glowing testimonials online, but avoid getting complacent or comfortable. Keep up your level of performance and professionalism and exceed customer expectations, every time. By building a credible reputation and working hard to uphold it, you'll soon become the apple of your audience’s eye.

Keep things simple 

There are so many options available these days that sometimes people just walk away without taking any action. Don’t put yourself in the ‘too hard basket’, trust your unique offering and use it to capture their attention. Offer quick, easy steps and a strong call to action.

Create compelling content

Content is king and will continue to be for a good while. Be on the ball with your content strategy and creation. From blogs to articles, social media posts to videos, podcasts to influencer engagement, there are many ways to generate compelling content that gets the attention you need. 

Think outside the box

Be disruptive in the marketplace (in a good way) and make your voice heard. This makes your brand more memorable. Become a ‘thought leader’ in your field, through articles, video interviews, blogs and public speaking. Use a PR agency to position yourself as an expert on topics relevant to your field. Use advertising techniques that might go against the grain; shock them, excite them and drive a new audience towards your brand.

Online advertising

Use the variety of techniques available to specifically target or retarget audiences interested in your brand - Google AdWords, Google Display ads and remarketing. For more information, see our other articles on ‘Remarketing tips and tricks’, ‘How to promote a business through the Google Display Network’ and ‘How does Google AdWords work'.