How mobile trends are impacting Google AdWords

How mobile trends are impacting Google AdWords

As you’re aware, the world has gone mobile, and it’s predicted that by 2020, there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users worldwide. As a Google AdWords user, you can get the most out of your experience by adopting the approach that the experts are taking, and who better to follow than Google? The search giant has acknowledged this major trend towards mobility with their latest update to the AdWords product.

In this blog, we talk about the importance of having a “mobile first” focus in your Google AdWords campaigns.

The AdWords makeover by Google has resulted in a redesign of their product; it is optimised for the small screen sizes of smartphones and other mobile devices. By doing this, they're putting mobile first and targeting the new behaviour of searchers. It sends a clear signal to anyone creating an AdWords campaign - think mobile first and have your campaign target mobile devices before everything else.

So how do you go about making sure your AdWords campaign is mobile first?

  • Upgrade to using expanded text ads

Expanded text ads are ideal for mobile as they have a bigger character limit, meaning more space for your ad copy. Upgrade to expanded text ads at no extra cost and take advantage of this great new format.

  • Use the best ad extensions for mobile

Extensions help display extra business information on your ads, like addresses, phone numbers and links to different webpages. They make your ads more attractive for mobile users. There’s no extra cost to use ad extensions and you’re charged as usual for clicks on your ad.

  • Write effective mobile ads using best practices

Mobile customers expect relevant, interesting and attractive ads. If ads are not up to the mark, it's hard to make a connection and draw them in. Use best practice techniques - making sure your headlines are captivating, that your calls-to-action are strong, your copy is descriptive, and that you have more than one ad in an ad group to rotate multiple variations.

  • Your mobile landing page must match your ad

Make sure that your landing page on mobile matches your ad - customers are much more likely to leave your site if your landing page isn’t what they expect it to be.

While it’s important to make the shift to cater to a mobile-first world, this doesn’t mean we abandon all other marketing channels. It does, however, recognise how quickly user habits mature. To make sure your ads reach the market, use the digital tool(s) users prefer the most. Talk to us at Yellow to learn more about optimising your AdWords.