How small businesses can compete

You're trying to make your mark as a small business but you're up against organisations with huge advertising budgets. What do you do?

The good news is you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars or a global household brand to increase sales or awareness. With all the tools and techniques available these days, you can gain eyeballs, encourage conversions and advertise effectively with minimal financial input. Here’s how.

Create quality, meaningful video content to post on your YouTube channel and include a strong call to action. You can also advertise on other people’s channels, on their video content. Pay for your ads to play before, after or during the video being viewed. You only pay for engagement so if viewers skip a video before the end, you don’t pay anything. You can review and optimise your ad campaign to ensure you’re getting results - ad views, click-throughs to your website, shares, likes and conversions.

Team up with partners, sponsors or clients to gather resources and create combined advertising campaigns. This could be a video campaign developed together, or a series of banner ads on a news website. Find out how the ads can work for both parties, divide advertising costs and share the rewards.

Content marketing
By writing articles and presenting your expertise, you're building credibility. Make use of Native advertising or sponsored content - this kind of paid advertising is published on a website (such as Stuff or NZ Herald) and appears as a news story. 

Social network advertising
Scores of people use Facebook every day - you can reach some of them through targeted advertising. Set your budgets to be daily or for the lifetime of the ad. You can target people in all sorts of categories and interests and set up ads that generate more likes, boosted posts and news feed ads. You can also broaden your reach by advertising on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Snapchat. 

Google advertising
Small businesses can obtain great results from the Google Display Network and Google Ads (formerly AdWords). You can set these up to run on a pay-per-click (PPC) system where you pay only when a potential customer clicks on your ad. You can also set up a cost per click (CPM) system where you pay per thousand impressions. 

Yellow can help make your voice heard in the market. Talk to one of our experts for more on practical, professional digital marketing solutions that work.