Get the most out of being a Google AdWords customer

Did you know that there’s a way to easily add value to your Google AdWords monthly fee? And at no extra cost!

In this blog, we explain the Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool and show you how your customers view your ad on Google, without affecting its ranking.

So, you’ve set up an ad for your business and want to see your AdWords Express ad in action! Don’t search for your ad in Google - instead, use the Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool.

It’s tempting to see your ad rank but if you continually search for your business on Google without clicking on your ad, it will stop coming up. Not clicking an ad tells Google that you’re not interested in this advertising. Google’s system recognises your computer and stops showing the ads it thinks you don’t want to see.

The Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool lets you see your ads exactly the way your customers see them on Google, but without affecting the performance of your ad. Also, the views  aren’t counted in the Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool, so the view numbers will be a lot more accurate in your AdWords Express dashboard.

Remember that the search results you get may adjust over time, for instance, a preview of your ad may not come up if your campaign reaches its daily budget limit.

Here’s how easy it is to use the Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool:

  • Go to the Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool
  • Choose the right domain, language, and location for your ad, enter one of your search phrases and then select ‘Preview
  • This will give you the results for the ads triggered by that search phrase

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