5 tips for getting the most out of your Google AdWords

As a business owner, you put a lot of time into growing your business. You have a sound customer base and a steady flow of work, but how can you attract more customers, increase your income take things to the next level?

Google AdWords is a powerful way to promote your business online. This digital marketing tool gets you in front of more potential customers, drives traffic to your website and ultimately enhances your earning capacity.

But where do you begin? We know there’s a plenty of information out there and you don’t have time to investigate it all. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and created this article that simplifies Google AdWords for business owners. The key points below will help you understand what’s involved and get you on the right track.

5 key ways to get the best out of AdWords

1. Know your target audience

This is a world where digital dominates everything we do - from how we connect with friends and family to how we search for products, services or events in our area. Promoting your business through Google AdWords allows you to reach your target audience directly. So it’s important to be very clear about who your audience is, and tailor your ad messaging specifically to them.

When determining who your target audience is, ask yourself a number of questions: Who are your prospective customers? What are their problems? What are they trying to find out about your business?

2. Be clear about what you’re offering

Digital campaigns capture potential customers already interested in your products and services. AdWords works best for people who know what they’re searching for, so make sure you can articulate your offering well. By doing so, you’ll maximise the likelihood of searchers clicking on your website.

3. Research your keywords

Keywords are the words people might use to describe your product or services. The more relevant your keywords are, the more successful your digital marketing campaign is likely to be. Study the topics, phrases and words that people commonly use in relation to your service or product. Your keywords should directly relate to the content on your website.

4. Link to relevant landing pages

Make sure you have relevant landing pages set up on your website that your Google AdWords link to. This will steer potential customers to your website. Without these links, people (and Google) will bounce off your site.

5. It’s not set and forget

It pays to work with an agency or partner who can monitor and fine-tune your AdWords program over time. They’ll manage what ads you’re bidding for, so you get the best return on investment.

Google AdWords is a specialist area and needs ongoing attention to achieve exceptional results for your business, so it’s best to work with a professional you can trust.