Doing digital smarter

From ads to content marketing to social media channels, there are different online tools to make your voice heard. But we understand that it can be challenging to find the time and the resources to get your content marketing campaigns off the ground. That’s why we’ve cherry-picked a few important things for you to consider (in addition to having an awesome website, of course!).

Have a digital strategy in place

Most good things start with a strategy. Make sure you have a digital one before you press ‘go’. Define your budget, goals and campaigns during the year and areas you'll need extra support on. Consider everything - advertising, website design, copywriting, SEO and content marketing. Your digital strategy will be in line with your overall marketing strategy and it will factor in content creation and distribution. It's also smart to have a content calendar drawn up and a clear idea of KPIs/analytics for how to measure results while constantly striving to do things better.

Don’t set out to do it all solo

Unless you're a digital marketing expert, it’s going to take a lot of time and skill to run this side of your business. Find experts to help you with specific requirements and budget for this too.

Google advertising tools

Google's tools rule! Google AdWords is great for being found in search engines and can work with any budget. Reach your ideal customers through ads created for the Google Display Network. You can do this with advanced targeting tools and by tailoring campaigns directly to them.

Be active on social media

While it may seem ‘cool’ to be on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, realistically, it's probably better to focus on just one social channel. Before you open a social media account, do some research to find out where your target audience hang out. Perhaps they're on Twitter or LinkedIn or they only use YouTube. This process will help you identify social channels that are relevant to your customers. 

Outsource and schedule

Doing digital smarter means finding experts you can outsource tasks to - website designers, SEO experts, and social media managers. If you plan to have extensive social media presence and don’t want to be sent constant reminders or notifications, it's best to have someone run your accounts for you. You can also take care of this yourself by scheduling your posts.

Don’t always be available

Find ways to automate your response; outsource or employ staff that can take care of this for you. If you’re the founder, CEO or a manager, you'll face numerous responsibilities each day and sometimes staying on top of them can be difficult. Set an out-of-office email if you’ve got a day of meetings or if you're locked on a deadline. Let people know that you'll be back soon or provide an alternative contact and take the time you need.