Digital advertising for your business

Online advertising is a sure way to drive traffic to your website, make sales and capture new clients. But if you're not sure what you’re doing, you may find yourself facing big bills with very little ROI. Here's some tips to help you understand the different types of advertising and how to get the best returns from them.

Google AdWords

You’ll want to have some sort of budget allocated for Google AdWords, which offers display or text ads. AdWords will help get your business to the top of Google search results and generate new leads. But be prepared, as setting up highly targeted keywords in AdWords requires careful keyword research and spend allocation. Be sure you're paying for quality leads, i.e. leads that result in customers or sales. Understand what makes search engines tick and how to use keywords and search terms to rank higher. It takes practice and a flair for digital to deliver good results, so its best to start with a team who have the skills. At Yellow, our 'AdNerds' live and breathe this stuff - give us a call to know more. 

Pay-per-click (PPC)

This system specifically targets customers searching for services or products like yours and drives them to your website. Google AdWords is one of the best known pay-per-click systems around. With the right research and a little tinkering, PPC ads will actually end up earning you far more than it will cost to place them. How it works - you pay a publisher (website) to feature your ads on their site. If the ad is set up well, you'll get potential customers that are genuinely interested or curious about your business offering.

Display Ads/Banner Ads

These ads target potential customers who visit various web pages but aren’t particularly looking for information on what you’re selling/promoting. They are effective in attracting customers who you may not have otherwise reached. You can either pay for the ad to be displayed for a duration of time or you can use a pay-per-click system. Your banner ad may appear on a website such as the NZ Herald, or Stuff, or on Digital Directories such as Yellow and White Online. They are great for increasing reach on your current campaign or driving brand awareness in a wider market. 

Native advertising

According to Fairfax, native ads get twice as much visual attention as banner ads. Useful for storytelling, articles and blogs, native ads feature on other websites, typically news sites. This could be an article with a catchy headline, written in editorial style but described as 'sponsored content'. By paying for a news outlet to give you an editorial voice, you’ll attract eyeballs to your website, your blog and business stories. Many news organisations will create content for you, if not, you’ll need a good copywriter or videographer for this - so start planning!

Social media advertising

If you want to target a specific audience type, social media is 'the' place. You can effectively attract new customers and increase brand awareness through Facebook ads. They are reasonably easy to set up - you'll need an ad type, location and your audience demographic. Facebook ads can be linked to your business Instagram account, allowing you to advertise on both platforms at the same time. You could also put some budget behind LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat ads to get in front of multiple people and increase your following.

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