Different types of digital advertising

There are nearly as many digital advertising options around as you’d find in a bag of mixed nuts, so we’ve plucked out some of the tastiest ones to try for your business!

Google ads

Google offers a range of marketing tools for businesses - Display Network, AdWords and more. Use these together, separately, or at various points of the year depending on your promotional needs and budget. You can set them up to run on a pay-per-click (PPC) system where you pay only when a potential customer clicks on your ad. You can also set up a cost-per-click (CPM) system where you pay per thousand impressions.

Display ads/Banner ads

These ads target potential customers who visit various webpages but aren’t particularly looking for information on what you’re selling. These ads are effective in attracting customers that you may not have otherwise reached. You can either pay for the ad to be displayed for a duration of time, or use a pay-per-click system. Your banner ad may appear on a website such as the NZ Herald, Stuff, or on Digital Directories such as Yellow and White Online.

Social media ads

Get more customers and exposure through Facebook ads. You can target people in all sorts of categories and demographics. If you’re active on Instagram, Tumbler or Twitter, you can launch ad campaigns on these platforms too.

YouTube ads

Video has become the hottest thing since marmite on toast. YouTube is a great place to house your videos - you can pay for your ads to run before, after or during other channels’ videos. Ads can be tailored to your target audience and to what they're watching on YouTube. You’ll only pay for engagement, so if viewers skip a video before 30 seconds or the end, you don’t pay anything.

Review performance

When you’re putting dollars towards YouTube ads, you’ll want to know how they’re performing. The best way to do this is to regularly review and optimise your campaign and ensure you're getting top results. Results can be in the form of ad views, clicks through to your website, shares, likes and sales directly from the video ad.


LinkedIn, the largest professional network in the world, let's you pay for a variety of ads to reach other professionals. The self-service option means you can set your ad up at any time and create ads that appear as ‘sponsored content’, ‘sponsored in-mail’ and text ads.

Sponsored content

Sometimes if you have a story to tell and you’d like it to feature on a credible news site, you can pay for your content to appear as ‘native advertising’ or ‘sponsored content’. This kind of advertsing matches the look of the platform on which it appears, hence the term 'native'. It is also popular with new sites such as Stuff and the NZ Herald.