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Delivering memorable experiences online

Looking to create a pleasurable experience for your customers online? There are plenty of ways to do this - from quality content to a great sales funnel and outstanding customer service.  

Create a journey

While you may be focused on running other important aspects of your business, don’t overlook the customer journey. Create great experiences across all platforms, from your website and YouTube channel to your Facebook business page and Instagram wall. Make them visually interesting and take your viewers on a journey. Offer quality content and enhance the user's journey through a variety of creative techniques.

Be emotive

There’s plenty of reasons why storytelling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. It can move audiences to laughter or tears, captivate, inspire and excite them, and teach them something new. Content that does well usually has an emotive element to it. Incorporate your brand personality into your content and carefully plan your strategy and approach to deliver professionally crafted experiences.

Be creative

When it comes to your online presence, you don’t always have to do what everyone else is doing. Think outside the box - can you add a motion graphic to your website instead of relying solely on copywriting? Can you start a weekly podcast instead of your regular e-newsletter? Do you have some interesting business stories that can be told through video? Get information across in a way that customers will relate to and remember.

Be a thought-leader

If you’re running your own business, you might like to branch out beyond your day-to-day role to develop thought-leadership pieces and offer more value. Position yourself as a trusted source, someone who people will want to come to for advice. Share your thoughts through articles and blogs, opinion pieces (your comments for other websites) and produce white papers or videos (Facebook Live and YouTube work well).

Be responsive

Customer service should be one of your main goals as it is its own form of advertising. Improve your response time to website visitors via chatbots or a Twitter account. Get your staff to take shifts and reply real-time to customer requests, complaints and queries.

Make sure your website is up to speed

A slow-loading website can turn customers away before they even get in. Ensuring that they have great first impressions is key. If you’re running an online shop, remember, most visitors want to complete their shopping quickly. Amazon says, on average, they lose about one percent of all sales for every 100 milliseconds of delay. So move fast and make sure that your site is up to speed!