Creating your Unique Value Proposition

Does your business have a Unique Value Proposition? If not, create one to help you and your staff clearly communicate how your business can add value to people’s lives, and why they should choose you over a competitor.

Why you need a UVP

It’s a statement that clearly says what you can offer the customer, what you'll deliver and why they should choose your product or service. By having a clear value proposition (otherwise known as a selling proposition) that you're confident to write and talk about, you’ll gain customers, increase your market share and your brand strength. You can include your UVP on your website, your social platforms and content marketing campaigns.

Steps to creating one:

1. Be clear on your offering - Make a list of all the benefits your products/services bring to the lives of your consumers. Be realistic about these, don’t exaggerate or include benefits that are not authentic. Highlight the benefits to show how they can help solve a problem.

2. Consider the value offering - How do the benefits enhance lives? What value do your products/services add? Make a list of these and link them back to the benefits.

3. What makes you different - Tom, Dick and Harry might also be selling what you’re offering, and who doesn’t like a little healthy competition? But to really cut the mustard in the market, you’ll need to establish your points of difference. Are you a small firm with the ability to be flexible and can you tailor solutions to client’s needs? Perhaps you make umbrellas, but those that fold the other way, to allow for ease of use. Or maybe your staff offers 24/7 support, while your competitors work only 9 to 5.

Get to writing!

After the initial brainstorm using the 3 steps, you’ll be ready to progress to the writing phase. Jot down a summary of the benefits and value you add, and what makes you unique. Try to keep this to 2-3 sentences at the most. Remember, clarity is key. Make sure that what you’ve written is easy to understand and can be easily translated to a range of media - from your website to your Facebook page summary and video marketing campaigns. You want to be able to hit em’ fast with your compelling and concise proposition, ideally in under 5 seconds!