Creating a sales funnel online

Running a business can get challenging, especially when you're finding ways to attract new customers. This is where you could use a sales funnel. If you're not sure where to start, here are some steps you can take to get there.

1. Get landed

Time to build a landing page. A landing page is a page that a website visitor ‘lands’ on when they're directed to your site from a source such as a Facebook post, a LinkedIn post, a promotion or ad. There are two different types of landing pages, one for ‘lead generation’, the other for ‘click-through’ - both work to drive sales or sign-ups.

2. Entice potential customers

When people arrive at your landing page, they must see an offer, some useful information or a call-to-action. Be sure to offer something of value, one that identifies the steps you want them to take. Ensure your landing page outlines the benefits of doing so. Think about a strategy for sales that goes well beyond this landing page offer. Can you pre-sell for the next step in the sales funnel?

3. Make it easy to make a sale

Being in sales is hard - there are so many other people out there pedalling products and services that can appear similar to yours. Articulate your point of difference and provide easy steps to sign up or buy so potential customers can convert to actual ones.

4. Keep the conversation going

One of the best things about creating a sales funnel is that it helps you build your client database. You will normally ask for their email address, phone number or physical address through different steps in the sales funnel. Don’t rest on your laurels - follow up with all your new customers or set up a remarketing campaign for those that didn’t convert and keep the conversation and momentum going.