Six ways to give your customers the best experience ever

If you’re building your online presence, whether that's through an e-commerce site or by running social media accounts for your business, you’ll want to deliver the best customer service experience ever. Well, here’s how.

1. Be accessible

First up, offer a direct line of contact for your target customers to get in touch - adding a chatbot to your website, for instance (the online conversation between website visitors and your support person). This provides a positive experience and helps people with their search. If you’re on Facebook, there are ways to stay just a click away from your customers.

Add ‘message’ or ‘call now’ buttons, include contact email addresses, a physical address and other social platforms where they can reach you. Set up an automated response to thank customers for their enquiry and to let them know that you’ll be in touch soon.

2. Be memorable

There are so many special things we come across on social media these days, through a moving article, an image or a video. Create content and experiences that are memorable and give your potential customers the chance to share, like, watch again, and ultimately act on.

3. Entertain, inform, excite

In all your comms, plan to leave an impression through your content. Whether that be website text, the easy way they can contact you, creative videos and graphics - keep storytelling top of mind for your marketing techniques. You can be emotive in a way that is still professional and reflects your business. 

The idea is to capture their attention, give them helpful information as a solution to a problem and excite them to join your journey.

4. Accept feedback

In business, you never stop learning. Listen to your customers’ feedback, after all, their always right. If they see room for improvement, welcome it. If they have compliments to pay, thank them. You might even want to open up the channels of feedback by asking your customers what they’d like to see more or less of. 

Don’t view feedback as failure, it is potential to grow and to find fresh, new ways to operate.

5. Be helpful

You’re in business, so you’ve probably already identified a gap that needed to be closed. Being helpful is one of the most rewarding aspects of running a biz, and this ethos can extend from your customer-facing relations to your online presence.

Add an FAQ page to your website, a call to action, a free consultation, an e-book or a series of blogs and articles.

6. Personalise

Personalisation is more important now than ever, it gives customers what they’re looking for. Data helps identify trends of potential customers and helps you create an experience that aligns better with what they're after.

Communication is key to success, so develop engaging approaches and content streams that talk directly to your customers. And always remain authentic to your brand’s unique value proposition.