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Billing & Payment

1.How can I pay my bill?

To pay your bill automatically each month please register online for Direct Debit or recurring Credit Card payments (Visa or MasterCard) by selecting either of the links below:

Please note: to register online for Direct Debit you must have sole authority over the bank account registered. If you do not have sole authority please download our Direct Debit form here.

How else can I pay my Yellow bill?

There are many options for one off payments:

  • Internet Banking
    • Pay directly online into our ANZ bank account (01-0242-0100194-00). Select Yellow from the Vendor list. Please ensure you quote your account number.
  • Credit Card
    • We accept Visa and MasterCard, to make a one-off payment click here.
  • Cheque
    • Make your cheque out to Yellow Pages Group Ltd, and return it with the Payment Slip to Yellow Pages Group, PO Box 17345, Greenlane, Auckland 1546.
  •  Cash
    • Go into any ANZ branch with your payment slip and pay directly to the teller quoting your account number.

When making a payment it is important that you quote your Yellow account number so we can allocate your payment correctly.



2.What if my bill is overdue?

If you are having difficulty paying your bill please contact our Credit Department as soon as possible on 0800 800 700

3.How can I get my Yellow bill electronically?

To register for electronic billing please click here

4.How are Subscription Products invoiced?

Yellow bills subscription products monthly, based on a calendar month. Your initial invoice will be sent once your product brief is completed and will be for the period from when your product goes live until the end of that same month.  Subsequently you will be charged at the start of each month for that month’s service.

5.What happens when I authorise payment on my Credit/Debit Card?

When you enter your credit or debit card to authorise payment, Yellow’s payment provider, Stripe will send a request to the issuing bank for either a $0 or a $1 authorisation to:

  • verify your card is issued, and
  • the bank is permitting your authorisation

This is not a charge on your account, the authorisation request is reversed immediately whether the authorisation is declined or successful. However, you may still see an authorisation for $1 on your credit card statement (even if the bank declines the authorisation). Depending on your bank, this will be removed within 7 days.

6.How can I stop my direct debit?

Yellow will cancel your authority at any time, but you must notify us at least two working days prior to the payment date to ensure it takes effect in time. Please be aware that some of our payment terms are dependent on a recurring payment being in place, so cancelling your authority may mean we remove these terms. If you wish to cancel your direct debit, please contact us at ypreceivables@yellow.co.nz, and ensure you quote your account number. Alternatively, you can contact your bank, but then it will be more difficult for you to re-instate the authority in the future; so we do recommend contacting us first.

7.What happens if my payment is dishonoured?

Depending on the reason for the dishonour we may try again in our next processing cycle (approximately weekly). We will also try to contact you to resolve the issue. 

8.Why is the payment less than what was notified?

Sometimes other payments or adjustments happen on your account; we take this into account when we process your direct debit and only take the amount owing at the time. However, we should never take more than what was notified on your statement/invoice.

9.How will I know when and how much will be deducted?

Each customer receives a monthly statement/invoice, advising the due date and amount owing. Alternatively, in some circumstances we may notify you in writing, including by email, of an amount to be deducted.

10.What is a recurring credit card payment?

Yellow will initiate payment for services billed on the due date by deducting it from your credit card. This process is managed securely by Payment Express based on the information we provide them.

11.What is a Direct Debit (DD)?

Yellow will initiate payment for services billed on the due date by deducting it from your bank account. This process is managed securely by our bank (ANZ Bank Limited) based on the information we provide them.

12.Where is my account number located on my invoice?

All Yellow account numbers are 9 digits long. The Yellow account numbers start with either a 51xx or with a 61xx. The numbers on all our invoices are located on the top right hand corner of the invoice.

13.How do I update my billing information?

If you need to update any of your billing details please contact us on 0800 803 803 or email customercare@yellow.co.nz.