Taking charge of change

A complementary suite of digital marketing support and products provided by Yellow appealed to Muscle People Physiotherapy owner Laurie. Yellow has been helping Muscle people through a few of her business life cycles, including expansion.

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Taking charge of change

Taking charge of change

Laurie Moore discovered a passion for physiotherapy and the difference it could make in the quality of life.

In 1998, she established Muscle People. 

She built a team that was equally passionate, who would follow her standards of service, commitment and care. 

They’ve made the process really easy to understand - all the different components of marketing online, and the products provided have been of value to us.

Laurie Moore - Director, Muscle People Physiotherapy

Over the next two decades, Muscle People grew and branched out into three clinics across Christchurch.

The business first started advertising through the Yellow Pages book and then got duly and truly digital. 

Looking to track how their website was performing, Laurie got Yellow to carry out a full audit. The findings showed that the site performed reasonably well, but there was room to achieve much more.

A new site was built, brighter and better.

On Yellow’s recommendation, effective SEO components were added and a Google AdWords campaign was launched.

Soon enough, Muscle People scaled to the top of the search results page and through ongoing optimisation and support, we make sure they stay there.

On the choice to go with Yellow, Laurie says, “they’ve made the process really easy to understand - all the different components of marketing online, and the products provided have been of value to us”.

For small businesses to thrive, online accessibility is a requirement. Yellow makes it easy through useful built-in profile features so customers can phone through, book online or follow a map and make contact.

Muscle People are true champions of change, beyond the transformation they bring in people’s lives. They acknowledged new trends in advertising, sought the right help and rolled with the times.

In this dynamic digital landscape, we’re taking care of business, so you can take care of yours.