Building a brand with Yellow

The founders of 3Design knew that business owners are required to wear multiple hats. But they knew digital marketing was a skillset best taken care of by an expert team, so they came to us.

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Building a brand with Yellow

Building a brand with Yellow

In 2014, Robert Reid was introduced to the wonder of Additive Manufacturing, a revolutionary process, better known to the world as 3D Printing.

He co-founded his company, 3Design soon after.

3Design is a 3D printing store comprising a small, fearlessly innovative team of inventors that take pleasure in converting ideas into objects, thoughts into things.

Their cutting-edge printing software allows customers to upload their files and watch real time as designs come to life, layer by layer.

3Design is fast to becoming NZ’s foremost 3D printing service provider and printing machine retailer.

But before things started taking shape, for the business, Robert had to work with an unexplored market, and with the opportunities came the challenges. With a radical product and an uninformed audience, Robert found himself between the next big thing and his next big step.

He realised that managing his own marketing campaign would take time away from sales, design and product development - matters critical to the survival of the new venture.

Yellow took charge of 3Design’s digital direction and set them up with Search Engine Optimisation tools and a Google AdWords campaign.

Resultantly, their online visibility increased and they were able to target potential customers, generate leads and measure results and performance.

Partnering with Yellow also created space for Robert to study the business and focus on growth and business development.

Now, as 3Design cater to an ever-increasing demand, as new technology emerges, as competition stalks, Yellow helps sustain them online.

We assist small businesses in finding direction, finding customers and ultimately finding success.

With Yellow, you get real, tangible results. And great search results too! Just ask the folks at 3 Design.

Yellow have taken over and really exceeded my own expectations.

Robert Reid - Director, 3Design