Build it and they will come

For top chef Michael, the big lifestyle move from Auckland to Tasman was a dream come true, but it doesn't come without risk and uncertainty. Yellow has been able to help this new business get found, one of the scariest things for those starting out.

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Build it and they will come

Build it and they will come

After working for restaurants across the US and in New Zealand, Michael Meissner decided it was time to realise that elusive “Chef’s Dream” and establish his own enterprise.

Within months, The Villa was home.

Situated in the quaint, little village of Wakefield, Nelson, this German-inspired café has become known for its classy, handcrafted bites and beverages.

A new venture in an old town; the challenges came in many forms and taking his business to his customers was certainly one of them. “I never ran a business before, running one is new to me and so is the marketing experience,” says Michael.

Knowing that a website is only the beginning, Michael sought professional help for further advertising.

Pure luck, as he puts it, got him to stumble upon Yellow’s digital services.

Considering The Villa’s location and identifying the objectives, we got to work and set up a tailor-made Google AdWords campaign. With precise keywords, some fine tuning and regular progress reports, the business was starting to get noticed.

“Their (Yellow) approach was different. They supported us, kept us updated, told us what we could do to get better results and here we are. We’ve been open for only four months and people know and talk about us, that’s what every business wants.”

Yellow plays an integral part in The Villa’s digital marketing operations. Michael owns a Fine Food Store right next door that he will be looking to expand.

The Chef believes that with cooking, one doesn’t always have to be fancy. Basic ingredients in the right hands can work wonders.

Here at Yellow, we get the job done, without the complications. With effective tools wielded by our experts, we're delivering results that make all the difference.

Their (Yellow) approach was different because they looked at where we are and what we're trying to achieve. 

Michael Meissner - Chef/Owner, The Villa