A multi-channel success story

Hubands Energy is a business that has evolved and adapted many times over its 35 years in business.

We’ve been alongside them on their journey through the years, helping them stay relevant and stay remembered.

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A multi-channel success story

A multi-channel success story

Adaptability is the key to sustenance, and that holds true for castaways and businesses alike. As they respond to changing times and technologies, businesses find themselves adjusting, adopting, advancing.

Starting off over three decades ago as a modest electrical services contractor, Hubands have, in their time, acknowledged change and recognised opportunities. 35 years on, they are NZ’s finest solar providers and Northland’s premier suppliers of heat pumps.

Their vision is to equip Northland homes with affordable, energy-efficient lifestyle products and empower Kiwis with independence from soaring power bills.

A few years ago, they encountered a more apparent shift - a shift of physical address. Despite the move from known to the unknown, location-wise, they were easily found by their customers. They attribute a major part of this visibility to advertising through Yellow.

With Yellow, Hubands have Print Ads, Call Tracking Numbers and an Online Profile. While Call tracking provides vital insights about demographics, Yellow’s print and online listings increase their chances of getting noticed, getting noted.

Marketing Manager, Sarah confirms the rise in the use of Yellow Online across Northland as a practical source for customers to find what they’re after.

The business recognises the importance for greater online presence and calls on Yellow as they divert more spend towards digital marketing.

Making sure Kiwi businesses are found and followed is the essence of what we do at Yellow. We’ve been alongside Hubands on their journey through the years, helping them stay relevant and stay remembered.

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When we moved from a really prominent location, our customers were able to find and follow us. A big part of that was the presence that we had with Yellow.

Sarah Blithe - Marketing Manager, Hubands Energy